Monday, 15 July 2013

Saturday's post runs run....

A really tough run on Saturday with Hester and Hazter, following closely on from a severe bout of bubonic runny tums that started on Thursday evening and peaked at maximum 'output' overnight and during Friday. I still felt nauseous, weak, hadn't really eaten much (and what I had had fallen right through), and relatively dehydrated from the experience but, as I usually end up feeling like that on really long runs in the hills anyway, in that respect I was set up nicely for some realistic ultra running practise, without having to run nearly so far to get to feel crap. All the same I don't think Hester helped matters by offering me a bite of her gooey melted snickers bar half way through the run! On the positive side of things, I at least had a tighter grip on things below..... ish.

The weather was boiling hot too, making things just that little bit more interesting if they weren't interesting enough. All the same we followed a glorious route from Kettlewell up to the trig point at the top of Firth Fell, beyond Old Cote Moor Top, before whizzing down to Buckden and then following the Buckden Beck gully up past the many beautiful, trickily waterfalls and the old lead mine to the trig point on Buckden Pike before effectively following the ridge-line back to Kettlewell. I even managed to eat some egg and chips afterwards which was a good sign of improvement!

As usual Harry forgot to have a drink first thing and was dying of thirst 2 miles in

Harry discovers the trig at the top of Firth Fell

Hester and Hazter

Buckden Pike ahoy!

Harry taking on more water

Hester in her pants

Mid run cool off

Mr July

Hester searching (every flipping square inch) for fossils 

We saw two of these guys - we think they were ferrets gone wild or maybe ferret/polecat crosses?

Buckden Pike

The Polish aircrew war memorial from an RAF bomber that crashed on Buckden Pike in a snowstorm in 1942 

I think they were chanting "come and 'ave a go if you fink you're 'ard enough"

Crayfish attack at the final cool off in the beck in Kettlewell

Ze route


  1. Nice to see you running in the dales proper for a change, rather than on the Lancashire border

    1. Thanks DT. In my defence although I teeter I don't often step off the edge into Lancashire...

  2. Such a beautiful places! Thanks for post!