Tuesday, 1 January 2013

First run of the year.....

..... but not much of one, just 3 miles!

All the same it was the first run of the year and the ball is now definitely rolling. It was also the first trip to the Lakes of the year too so, all in all, it was definitely noteworthy. Me Harry and Hester pootled up to the trig on Loughrigg from Pelter Bridge, with Harry maybe swimming as far again in Rydal Water. The two pints of OSB Detention in the Royal Oak in Ambleside and the baked spud rounded things off nicely.

Hester nearing the trig point on Loughrigg

Hazzer the wonder dog!

Loughrigg Fell


  1. Have to say I LOVE that photo of Harry cantering. Good bloggin pa!