Friday, 28 December 2012

Hello fellow runners and/or nutters!

After a truly epic year of running in 2012 (made up to a fairly great extent by epic failures it has to be said) I thought I'd do things "proper" for 2013 and create a blog to record any notable efforts, events and adventures. 2013 is already looking to be an exciting/stupid/excitingly stupid year with some cracking events ready to roll:

The High Peak Marathon at the beginning of March. 42 miles of madness in the High Peak, starting just before midnight and navigating a huge loop of the the remotest, back of beyondest and peat boggiest corner of the High Peak.

The Fellsman at the end of April. 62 miles give or take and pretty much a full lap and a dozen peaks of the southern half of the Yorkshire Dales. Last year's attempt at a sub 16 hour Fellsman didn't end well it has to be said so this year its 'The Fellsman part deux with a vengeance'!

A small nagging matter of a Bob Graham Round to complete in June. 66 miles and 42 peaks of the Lake District that have to be seen off within 24 hours to count. My three (yes three!) 2012 failed Bob Graham attempts have given me ample experience of how not to do this; its now the doing of it that I intend to work on

The Lakeland 100 in July..... which is a 100 mile run in Lakeland funnily enough. The Bob Graham in June should provide me with some useful 'training'

Other expeditions, events and fell races will I'm sure be added to the list as the year unfolds.

A little bit of background. I live in Settle in the (very best part of the) Yorkshire Dales and, together with my border collie Harry (aka Harold, Haz, Hazmeister, Harrypants and other names to suit) and other 'hangers on' (joke in brackets), I tend to spend as much time as possible running and adventuring in the hills. I've been running everyday since about August 2011, and was running quite a lot anyway before that, and intend to keep that 'run' (geddit?) of daily runs going if I can. But its not just about running in the hills - me and Harry also like running in woods, forests, along coast paths and pretty much anywhere that is wild and doesn't involve tarmac. We also like exploring, clambering, stick chucking and wild swimming in rivers, lakes and the sea as well as visiting tea shops and pubs (usually after rather than during runs).... so this blog may not just be all about running!

Anyway I'm not very practised at this blogging millarky but I'm sure I will get better at it as the year progresses. Here goes....

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