Sunday, 28 September 2014

The 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross

So today was the annual 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross race and me and Harry decided to run a loop from home, allowing us the see the race both as it came over the first peak Ingleborough and then later over the third peak of Pen y Ghent. We absolutely hammered up Ingleborough, having left Horton a tad late, but made it with 5 minutes to spare before the race leader (and eventual winner) Rob Jebb trotted into view (with his bike over his shoulder). We then trotted down the race route over and off the side of Simon Fell, passing all the completely nuts cycle-crossers coming up, all the way to Selside before taking the track from there to High Birkwith and then following the 3 Peaks walkers route back to Pen y Ghent. A fab 16 mile run that got really quite tough in the second half (especially on the back of yesterday's 18.4 miles) but was a jolly fine finish to what turned out to be a 53 mile week

Harry thinks that all hot air balloons are kites...... and he hates kites. He sure told this hot air balloon what for

Rob Jebb ('Jebbie") nonchalantly trotting to the top of Ingleborough

The race approaching from Simon Fell

I'm sure they're supposed to pedal their bicycles....

Cyclists are such a larey bunch - I mean that pastel blue... wtf

Looking back towards Ingleborough from Simon Fell

Some tail enders

Gill Garth ahoy!

Seconds after this picture a kingfisher whizzed past in a haze of blue

Harry the wonder dog

Another lovely pose by Harry

In fact Harry couldn't stop posing for pictures

The cycle-crossers on the approach to Pen y Ghent summit

Nuts then, eh?

Summit reached

Its just a case of plummeting all the way down now

Me and Haz running off Pen y Ghent with home finally in sight

Our route


  1. Second photo is classic Bryan. Mind if I "borrow it" for my blog please?