Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Langdale Horseshoe

A grand romp around the Langdale Horseshoe yesterday (thats the horseshoe of ridges and hills surrounding the top of Great Langdale in the Lake District) with Hester and Hazster. Things started off a bit grim weatherwise but gradually the sun broke through and, by the time we were over Long Top about 2/3rds of the way round, everything turned out truly glorious. For the first time in weeks I was feeling properly 'runny' too and, although I'm probably tempting fate by saying it, it's really starting to feel like my running mojo is coming back!

We followed the route of the Langdale Horseshoe fell race, a fantastically tough (and tricky) fell race which runs each October and yesterday our line around it was pretty damn good I'd say - well other than our taking a slow and rocky path off of Pike o'Blisco that is (which was absolutely Harry's fault as we were following him at the time as he seemed to know what he was doing).

Hester running up Thunacar Knott

Martcrag Moor overlooked by Pike o"stickle

The team heading towards the Bowfell (in the clouds)

Dropping down into Langdale Combe

A friendly sheep ahead, our track going up to the right with Bowfell still hidden in the clouds

Hester with Angle Tarn beyond

Angle Tarn overlooked by Hanging Knotts

Harry overseeing his domain

Hester admiring the clouds at Ore Gap

Note that my running top matches my rock tape and my waterproof and shorts match my running shoes...

Hester clambering up Bowfell

Me posing on the ridgeline off of Bowfell

Hester (and Harry) powering up towards Long Top with Bowfell towering behind

Me slouching on Bad Step

Next stop Pike o'Blisco

Harry using his smelling skills to find the right way

Looking down to Langdale from the top of Pike o'Blisco

Hester dancing on top of Pike o'Blisco (the weirdo!)

The Langdale Horseshoe

Ze route

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