Saturday, 22 February 2014

Five Waterfalls from Settle

I worked out this route yonks ago but, until today, I've never actually got round to running it. The idea is to visit the 5 nearby(ish) waterfalls to Settle, all in one 21 mile long loop. So from home first off the bat was Scaleber Force, then a scoot over to Malham via Rye Loaf Hill to visit Janet's Foss and then a climb up the waterfall at Goredale Scar. The climb up Goredale with Harry is always a bit awkward (shoving Hazzer by the bum above me most of the time) and was made that much more tricky today by a strong wind blowing straight through what is a very narrow gorge - at the top of the climb it felt like the waterfall was all being blown back over us and we got fairly drenched.... but we loved it. We then paid a passing visit to Malham Cove (alas no longer a waterfall since about 10,000 BC) before hacking all the way over to Catrigg Force above Stainforth, followed by Stainforth Force on the Ribble and an extremely muddy trot back from there beside the river to Settle. 

All in all a cracking 21 mile route with 3,000 plus of climb and definitely one to do again on a hot summers day TO (thats top off or, as fell runners might better say, tits out).

Ze route

Scaleber Force

Harry having a sniff in the wilderness

Rye Loaf Hill ahoy!

Stockdale from Rye Loaf


Malhamdale is very barny

Looking back towards Kirkby Fell and Pikedaw Hill

Moss with colour saturation set to max!

Janet's Foss with Harry doing a few lengths

Janet's Foss and Harry again

Goredale Scar

Goredale Scar waterfall, which me and Haz were just about to climb

Goredale Scar from above

Looking towards Pendle Hill on the horizon

Malham Cove

Ingleborough on the horizon and Whernside far right

Catrigg Force

Heading for Stainforth

Stainforth's 17th century packhorse bridge over the Ribble

Stainforth Force plus rope swing and cliff jump point (not in use today)

Harry having a swim at his usual dipping pool

Me looking a bit serious

This bit is a bit muddy

Ordinance survey view of the route


  1. Looks like a cracking route...definitely want to do that on a sunny day although I may not run TO! :-D

  2. Haha Hester. Run in a bikini instead perhaps?