Monday, 7 October 2013

Woody Weekend

Two lovely woody runs over the weekend - on Saturday me and the Hazmeister went for a scoot over Sutton Bank at the south western tip of the North York Moors and on Sunday Hester joined the team for a run through Hackfall and Nutwith Woods from Masham.

Harry kicking the run off with a.... swim

The peak of that wooded hill is the mid point of the run

Getting nearer

Birch trees (guess who's been pratting around with the panorama setting on their camera?)

Looking north west from Rouston Scar on Sutton Bank

Glider take off

Harry (far left of picture) trotting round the side of Gormire Lake

Ze route - a woody 9 miler over Sutton Bank and back - spot the White Horse

Sunday's run included plenty of swimming in the Ure for Haz, some tree climbing for me and a Hester inspired 'short cut' through Brambly Hedge which cut our legs to pieces. Great fun though. And things are starting to look distinctly Autumny

Harry and Hes playing stick in the River Ure


Me on a branch with Haz on the far side of the river

Hes and Haz blazing through Hackfall

Beech trees in Nutwith Woods (with Hester wandering about in there somewhere)

Look out as this could go anywhere! (Hester demonstrating how to throw stick)

The H team in bramble gully

This track looks lovely but it was actually brambly as heck!

Autumn berries

Ze route - a woody 10 miler through Hackfall and Nutwith Woods

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